Frosty Beer2Go - Silver

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The beer lover inspired Frosty Beer 2 go is the ultimate “cool tool” to keep your favourite bottle of beer frosty cold! Vacuum insulated, double wall stainless steel technology insures that your favourite bottled beer will remain frosty cold regardless of the outside temperature. All North American domestic beer bottles, Central / South America, Caribbean, European and Australian beers fit in the Frosty Beer 2 Go. Including the popular Corona! Beer cans are also welcome! Say goodbye to drinking another lukewarm beer! Whatever the event, your beer will always remain cold. The Frosty Beer 2 go comes complete with a bottle opener! Yes, we thought of everything! No more searching for that missing opener, it is built right into this handy tool! The Frosty Beer 2 go you need to get one soon! Beer should always be enjoyed chilled!

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